Perfect Prayer Practitioner


The Divinity within me recognizes and greets the Divinity within you. If you are going through physical, mental or spiritual challenges, or would simply like to attract and experience greater prosperity, health, happiness, creativity, fulfillment, love or joy in your life, then I can assist you using the technique of affirmative prayer, or Spiritual Mind Treatment. 

Affirmative prayer or Spiritual Mind Treatment is a proven, pro-active, positive and assertive method of spiritual mind work that triggers the law of attraction and sets it into motion to manifest back into form that which is thought into it. As a trained and licensed professional Prayer Practitioner, I mentally and spiritually “treat” you. Using Spiritual Mind Treatment, it is possible to create exactly the kind of experience and reality you choose.

Spiritual Mind Treatment can work for you no matter what your religious beliefs, background, denomination or spiritual beliefs might be, because it works directly with the Law of Mind, which is an aspect of the universal Creative Intelligence that is the source of all creation - God, Spirit, Higher Power, the Force, Cosmic Consciousness, Creator, Infinite Intelligence, Divine Mind, or whatever term most resonates with you. Its results are based entirely on your belief and the intensity of your feelings. Whatever it is you believe (or don‘t believe), plus the feelings associated with those beliefs, manifests or out-pictures as your reality. As a professional Prayer Practitioner, I can assist you in releasing old limiting beliefs that might be holding you back and replacing them with new, positive ones that move you forward.

Change your life by changing your thinking. If you are ready, I am here to assist you in doing just that!